Of friendships prayed for and comforting silence. Of ridiculously loud and tearful laughter at all and odd hours. Of time spent mastering law and the art of make up. Of praise days and worship hours. Of a friendship of testimonies and serendipity.
The earnest pursuit of excellence and the bravery to ask for help. The graceful aura of joy and peace that crowns you and all you do. Your witty comebacks and artful storytelling that never fail to draw us in. Your expressive face and how easily it breaks out into smiles and laughter. You are of velvet robes and golden crowns; of tearful days and binge watch nights. Of take out days and cook out weekends. The friend that found me. The friend that kept finding me. Confidant and sister.
Of writing and growing; of talent and humility. Of home found in awkward hugs and knowing looks. Of dreams and plans and prayer requests. Of a queendom that will never settle for less. Of friendships prayed for and comforting fellowship.
– Photo albums
Jonathan; kindred mind.

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