Jeket yangu.


I used to be able to run without thoughts in my head. Fly without realising how short and labored my breaths became. With every extended leap; my body said thank you. To God.
Today, my head banged with thoughts about myself. My insecurities, my clunky jog. I ran faster for the people on the streets and in the passing cars. But with every extended leap; the flight sensation rippled through my chest. My body was afire; I kept reaching out to the heights I once tiptoed on.
When I got back home, my knees buckled. My lungs lit up: my whole damn body was quaking. I tasted the blood in my throat with every breath. My body said thank you. To God.
It took an hour of wheezing and coughing to calm down. I’m doing this again tomorrow. The day after. Until I don’t have to sprint to feel gratitude pouring through my being.

-Mkimbiaji sio mkimbizi

Law essay breaks.


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  1. Esther Amayo says:

    hahaah TERGATTTT 🙂 ❤


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