My laughter. That’s one of my favorite ways of expressing myself. It’s not the same laugh for every situation or joke. It can be sarcastic, cheeky, joyful, surprised. It’s laughter.

She makes me laugh. A lot. She and I do life together and we are often in laughter tears. We’re a four hour train; a five hour bus and probably an hour plane ride away from each other and always wrapped in joy. She is one of the first people in whom I found home. Her jokes and the confident way she tells them. Her cute front teeth and calm voice. Her childish wonder and honest pursuit of excellence. The way she flips her braids off her face and loops them around themselves so it looks like the perfect crown. Our laughter is one of my favorite things about our friendship. She can do all these accents and role play hilarious situations and in the same breath drop facts about a world issue and why it demands attention. She encourages me. She follows my work and always showers me with Godly love and encouragement. Listens to my rants, allows divine direction to flow through her to us and broadens my perspective. My Jonathan. My person who carries me often times and with grace and joy. She can be sarcastic, cheeky, joyful, surprising. She’s queenly.

Thanksgiving. This is one of the few ways I can fully express myself. Thank you for walking with me and for the jokes. You are my laughter.

King of King’s Star.


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  1. Esther Amayo says:

    How have i not responded to this yet. I am still crying in Spanish xxx


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