This is why I study:
so that the helplessness I feel now, I never feel again.
I use it to fuel myself, equip and metamorphose. When I am fully able; I’ll raise hell. I’ll flip norms, shatter taboo and wreak all the havoc until change rains down from the heavens or shoots up from the earth.
Then my successors can sit where I sat and call for a different change. A different problem, a new peace.
We cannot fight the age old monster half-heartedly when its relentless efforts are sincere. Bear with me as I cocoon myself in books, as my weak hands grow and my resolve solidifies. Patience is not laxity. We’ll be our own saviours yet.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Esther Amayo says:

    ❤ xx This IS why we study. I love the patience is not laxity yaaassss


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