Allow me to yell at myself for a couple mins. Mkay.
Hey You!
What the hell are you doing?
Are those tears in your eyes and discouragement in your posture? Are you weary already and is your hope flickering?
Is God not alive in you and the Spirit not working?
Has love not been revealed to you in form of redemption where you were lacking?
Are you not done chasing human fancies and temporary flings?
Is your race not for eternity and your yearning not for heavenly things?
Does your family not pray for you and your God not come through? Is His grace not enough? Is His love not enough? Is He not enough?
Will you sleep forever and dream of greatness? Will success come find you in your slothfulness and carry you to your throne? Will a people follow a doormat?
Can you not feel the power flowing through your veins and the anointing dripping from your head?
Can you not see your feet aglow with the readiness and your shoulders firm with sturdy authority?
Is the outpouring of love from all sides; favor in all areas; blessings on all days and peace at all times not drenching you?
Come on then! Chin up. Shoulders back. Head high. Body poised.
Go on. Ambassador. With the mighty men and women of valour. Broken vessels of Christ. Redeemed bride of the lamb. Go on then. Don’t plan for it; get up and walk.
-Exam prep
Statute suicides.

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