Is this thing on?

The world is going to muck.
There are less and less good things and the good people are getting consumed by society’s falsehoods. There is no barren wasteland out there. We ourselves are laying waste to the earth. More death. More sin. More heartbreak and in the midst of all of this is a generation of people who refuse to let live. The sleeping dogs are hounds waiting to be woken, they’ll scout success and innovation and light.
They call us the most selfish generation because we refuse to stop. We refuse to listen. No is not enough. They feel like they have no place in the future we are so desperately trying to build. So they’re shutting us down and silencing our dreams.
But look at us! Look at me. I’m in law school and everyday I watch people lose faith in the justice systems in place. Between ceilings and sin; we should be suffocating. We should be crying and giving it all up, we should be indifferent
But we’re not. We’re planting trees and starting companies. We’re getting married and wiser. We have the toughest time of the Century because we are revolting against those who raised us.
And that is okay.
-Trailer Marathons
On why I won’t be late tomorrow.

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