Undoing the settlers

Our College Politics teacher loved to crack open our minds and drain them of Utopias. Argumentative souls, brimming with assertiveness and needing to be correct so as to validate themselves. So wrapped up in their own brilliance to ever think they could be wrong. Inexperienced think tanks. He would present social and moral dilemmas in the political and economic spheres or even simple questions of day to day lives. Then he would lean back and watch us marvel at how the birds of a feather we flocked with thought differently, responded differently, were fundamentally apart from us. And taught us just how the World’s evil had unfolded.
Our College Politics teacher let us teach ourselves. Tinker with our Utopias. Dilute our abrasive tongues with reasonable thought. Refused to let us validate ourselves by the number of times we triumphed but by the souls we served and satisfied. Unwrapped us from our self obsessed lives of inexperience and assumptions. Separating what being was and what we thought it to be; making us explain the disparities.

-Mantas’ Friday Afternoons
First Floor throwbacks


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