Third Gen.

My cousins have the wildest minds. Powerful words streaming from our potent tongues. Whether they are making jokes or throwing up real life lessons, my cousins have the wildest minds. I remember how we all would crack the same joke, laugh at the same time, hype each other up for everything, challenge and push each other to be better, greater, faster. Our competitions were fierce and bragging rights were fairly earned and sorely lost. We are not kids anymore though. We would probably not say the same joke at the same time or laugh the same way. We all have different accents and lives and dreams but they all stem from our wild minds.
Wild in the sense that we are unafraid to speak up and be quiet. Wild because the mundane and acceptable in this world is foreign to us. Wild because, after years of being modelled by a community of strong-willed, laughter-filled, culture conscious men and women, there is nothing else that our minds could be.
My cousins and I have the wildest minds because our parents dared to birth their wildest dreams.

-DMCs with Narko.



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