Hey Hey.

I started this blog because I write a lot and I need a place for all my words to go. A serious place, Y’know?

People around me have told me I do a good job at writing and speaking and I have been working on pieces since I can remember. There is something soothing and beautiful about words when put in the right order and tone. There is some kind of magic that transforms ordinary letters into masterpieces. Something about the madness of writers and their minds that makes the work of their hands fundamentals in our Society.

I have a Tumblr© blog http://bottled-petrichor.tumblr.com and I had a Blogspot© from about 2009-2013 http://nasieku-naleng.blogspot.co.uk . I also have a lovely collection of poems and sonnets and stories on paper which time has managed to wrangle free of my possession. This blog rhymes with my Tumblrs which are more casual and have shorter works and reflects me through mine and other’s reblogged stuff.

I hope You find me half as entertaining as my peeps do.

-Nasieku P


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