Falling Fools

“The world is in a constant state of repetition. Everything basically repeats itself; just in different ways

That’s a weird juxtaposition of sorts, but a true one nevertheless. The sun always rises from the same side and sets form the other; but differently each time.

Every time we fall, we do it in the same way:

wholly, fully, foolishly, freely and not thinking to brace ourselves.

See there is nothing with the falling, the falling is just fine; but once you hit the ground, now that “causes all the grief”

Instead of learning to dodge the bullet, we teach ourselves to take the pain. Yank out the metal, nurse the heart: and we’re good. A limping mess others see, we don’t, it’s always the same.

But this one is different. The sun rose from the same side, and set in the other, but I have yet to graze my proverbial knee;

I’m still falling you see.”

-Nights in Rockingham



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